Developer + Designer

Sarah L. Fossheim

I'm a multidisciplinary developer and designer, with a strong interest in data science, AI, ethics and accessibility.

I have over 6 years of experience within full-stack development (specialized in front-end), user experience design and research. I also have knowledge in product management, data science and machine learning.

The past years I have focused on the user experience and development of data-heavy products within the public sector, cancer medicine and education. Specializing in visualizing and using data in an accessible, safe and user-friendly way.

My favorite projects are those where I get to combine my knowledge of technology and design to build and manage smart solutions for complex problems - while always keeping a strong focus on user experience, ethics, accessibility, diversity and inclusion.

Currently working as a part of the R&D department at Inspera Assessment. I am not looking for a new full-time job. Available for writing, speaking and freelance opportunities at

📌 Located in Oslo, Norway.