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Sarah L. Fossheim

I'm an experienced independent developer, designer and educator. I specialize in building accessible and inclusive products, and have a particular focus on dataviz accessibility.

About me / my work.

About me

Hi! I'm Sarah Fossheim (pronouns: they/them), and I work as an accessibility specialist, front-end developer and inclusive designer. I have a strong interest in dataviz accessibility, and also make drawings with CSS, write about tech, collect ethical design resources, and work on a lot of side projects.

I'm located in Oslo, Norway, and working independently. You can hire me on a freelance basis for accessibility projects, creative coding and front-end consulting. I'm also open to do talks, workshops and training sessions. I'm taking on new clients from September 2024 onwards.

Since starting my own business mid-2021, I mainly focus on accessibility, to which I take a holistic approach. Depending on what the project needs, I can perform:

  • High-level accessibility reviews to understand areas for improvement
  • Detailed and informative (dataviz and web) accessibility audits and reports, focused on best-practices, WCAG compliance, and practical next steps
  • Ongoing feature reviews
  • Accessibility strategy and planning
  • Training, workshops, ongoing drop-in review sessions
  • Implementing accessibility improvements and bugfixes (or advise the team on the improvements)
  • Developing new features with accessibility and WCAG compliance in mind from the start

During the past years, I have worked on accessibility with companies like, WHO (through Kore and Truth & Beauty), Inspera, GreenInfo, and Balansekunst. I have also delivered sessions for amongst others Hyper Island, Oda, and Graphic Hunters, spoke at conferences such as axe-con and Outlier, and contributed with an essay about dataviz screen reader accessibility to the Do No Harm Guide on Centering Accessibility In Data Visualizations.

In addition to accessibility work, I also take on creative coding and front-end consulting projects, like building user-friendly websites, prototypes, and dashboards, where accessibility is an important focus. I have worked together with companies like Vibbio, HTTPArchive, and reMarkable on projects like this.

Previously, I have worked in-house in the edtech and biotech sector, where I focused on designing and building intuitive front-ends for data-heavy products. I have also worked as a creative technologist in design agencies, where I collaborated with clients both in the private and public sector.

My strength has always been in multidisciplinary roles. As an accessibility specialist I combine performing audits and reviews with providing training, engaging in project planning, writing documentation, and getting hands-on with front-end development or design work. And in engineering projects I typically take on a double role as ux designer/front-end developer.

If you have a project that you think might fit me, you can reach out through or LinkedIn, or read more about my offering.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • D3.js
  • Sanity
  • Eleventy
  • Next.js

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I have spoken at public events and on podcasts since 2021, including:

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I'm open to do deliver talks or workshops about (dataviz) accessibility, queer-inclusive design, and front-end development. If you're interested in booking me, send an e-mail to Please include some information about the event/company, dates, audience, and budget in the initial message.

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